Acrimet Premium Bookends  (1 Pair)

  • Sturdy and long-lasting metal construction
  • Anti-slip bottom allows you to remove 1 item without dislocating the others.
  • Package contains a set of 2.
  • Won't scratch the furniture.
  • Basic but effective design.
  • Choose your Color:
Bookend White Acrimet Bookend Pink Acrimet Bookend Silver AcrimetBookend Blue AcrimetBookend Purple AcrimetAcrimet Premium Bookends (Green Color) 1 Pair Bookend Deep Blue Acrimet Bookend Yellow AcrimetAcrimet Bookends Premium (Orange Color) (1 Pair Pack)Acrimet Premium Bookends (Green Citrus Color) 1 PairAcrimet Bookend Black